Nutrition Plan


Hi FabnFit Family,

My name is Terry Williams. I own The League: Elite Training Facility in Houston, TX and I serve as strength & conditioning coach for people of all levels, from casual fitness enthusiasts to world champion pro athletes. The types of drills used in the gym might vary from one level to the next, but one thing never changes: Across ALL levels, you must eat clean! This guide provides an easy-to-follow game plan to help you master the art of taking in quality fuel to sculpt your physique & perform at your best. I personally am a client of FabnFit Foods, because their meals meat the standards of my clean eating game plan. In fact, as you implement the following guidelines, know that any meal ordered from FabnFit Foods works as a legal breakfast/lunch/dinner in this game plan, without you even having to do he extra thinking and measuring. Outside of ordered meals, you’ll get great tips here that help you when cooking clean meals. I hope this is helpful to you!

Food frequency:
Eat 5 times/day. 3 meals, with 2 snacks (a.m. snack between breakfast & lunch, p.m. snack between lunch & dinner).

Food guidelines:
Let’s keep it SIMPLE!

All carbs must be whole wheat or whole grain, & do not let carb portion exceed 1/2 the size of one of your palms.
-Ex: Brown rice, not white. Whole wheat bread, not white.

All proteins must be lean (fish is EXTREMELY lean, poultry is VERY lean, bison is a solid lean choice as well, beef can range in leanness & you’ll need to read packaging to verify that it’s at least 96% lean). Eggs and beans are lean proteins as well. Protein portion in a meal is 
not to exceed the size of 1 of your palms.

Fruits and vegetables, absolutely unlimited in portion. Diversify the colors of your fruits and vegetables! The various colors represent various vitamin groups, and this helps you to get a good spread without having to track each vitamin category. Fruits and veggie are also the biggest carriers of vital nutrients and the smallest carriers of calories, so they can’t be beat. If you’re left hungry after a meal, extra vegetation is the best route to getting full without slowing weight loss.

Daily meal plan below.

Applying the protein and carb limits expressed above, you may eat any of the following & feel free to get creative with combinations of them to make for tasty meals.
Eggs, turkey bacon or turkey sausage, whole wheat toast (no butter), whole wheat tortillas, steel cut oat meal, fruits and vegetables of any kind.
-Examples: Scrambled eggs w/ spinach cooked in, 2 slices of turkey bacon on the side. // A small bowl of steel cut oatmeal with banana slices in it.

A small portion that can be held in one fist. Fresh fruit or veggies, raw nuts, Greek yogurt.
-Examples: An Apple. // A half-handful of raw cashews with half of a banana.

Applying the protein and carb limits expressed above, you may eat any of the following & feel free to get creative with combinations of them to make for tasty meals.
Chicken or turkey breast (baked or grilled, not fried), lean ground beef or steak, fish fillets, beans, brown rice, whole wheat bread or pasta, fruits and vegetables of any kind.
Examples: Baked chicken breast with roasted tomatoes over whole wheat pasta, with a side of steamed broccoli. // Lean bison burger on whole wheat bun, topped with lettuce & tomato (mustard is legal, but not ketchup or mayo). // Lean grilled steak, with a side of asparagus.

When possible, avoid sauces, sugars and salt. Season food with SALT-FREE seasonings, such as Mrs. Dash, or Tony Chacheres Salt-Free version. You may use Himalayan pink salt for added flavor, no more than 1/2 tablespoon per meal. Pink salt is far healthier than standard table salt. Liquid aminos is another great flavoring agent that brings a bit of salty flavor without harm to your body.

Water is king! Get at least 1 gallon daily. 
Avoid alcohol (keep it minimal) and eliminate sodas, juices and other processed sugary beverages.

One time during the week, and one time during the weekend (2X within a 7-day period), intentionally enjoy a meal that doesn’t fit these rules. This brings BALANCE, and helps you to stay disciplined when it’s not leisure meal time, because you have an outlet. 2 leisure meals vs. 33 clean meals per week is a WINNING RATIO!

Final note: TRACKING your meals really helps you win. When you can see it & have to report it, you end up making much better choices! I recommend using the MyFitnessPal app, and please add someone you know as a “friend” in the app, so that they can see your eating log for accountability and add encouragement in your journey.