Why Fab & Fit Foods?

 - We believe in the power of food. It brings us together,       gives us strength and is an essential part of life but         sometimes life can be hectic. Spend less time in the         kitchen! Let Fab & Fit Foods do the shopping, cooking       and cleaning for you! 

What is the shelf life of the meals?

 - Meals can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 5           days, however, we recommend freezing them if you do     not plan on consuming them within a 5 day period.           Meals can be frozen for up to 3 weeks.  

How do I heat my meals?

- Loosen the lid, place the meal in the microwave for 1.5-    2 minutes depending on the meal and your preference.    All the meals need to be reheated to an internal                temperature of 165 degrees. 

Do you use and preservatives?

 - No, we use absolutely no preservatives in our meals.         All of our food is cooked fresh to order. Every week we       buy fresh ingredients. 

What is your shipping schedule?

- We cook every SUNDAY morning and we deliver SUNDAY    afternoon between 4-7 pm. Depending on your location    Fab & Fit Foods meals will arrive between the hours of      4pm - 7pm. *Delays could occur.

What are your shipping rates?

- We charge $15 flat rate depending on your location. For    more information this can be determined once you add    your address to your order

Is there a minimum order?

- The total minimum order is 5 meals. You may mix-n-        match. 

When is the cut off time to order meals for the next week?

- The cutoff is 5pm every Friday. 

What do I need to pick up my meals?

- When you pick up your meals they will be in a paper bag    with handles so you do not need anything unless              you're not going to put them in the refrigerator within      the hour. If so, you will need to bring a cooler to store      them. 

Does someone need to be home when the meals are delivered?

- It is better if someone is home but if not, you can leave    a cooler with ice outside and we can place you meals      in there for you. We cannot and will complete your            delivery without this. Should you fail to leave your            cooler out on delivery day, please contact us at 713-        876-8202 to coordinate a day and time to pick up or        deliver your order.